Online Worship Library Access

The District and those contributing to this resource bank have offered their resources for use in Christian worship, ministry and mission. We feel an obligation in sharing these resources to have some records of who has accessed the store, and that they have been informed of the ways in which the resources can be used. We will seek to indicate what licences (or none) are applicable to each resource within the library, and who needs to be credited for the material.

Please fill in the below short form and you will automatically be sent the link for our Online Worship Library

By supplying your email address you consent to us holding your details on record, in case we need to contact you about a Copyright issue, or required GDPR removal of a resource at a future time. We won't use your data for any other purpose. The data you provide will only be accessable by district employees and will be held securely for as long as the library is available, or until you ask us to remove or update it by contacting
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